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Supporting small local charities in England and Scotland

After a successful quarter supporting Candlelighters, supporting the families of those with children battling cancer, we were more motivated than ever to make a difference. Continuing with our strategy to help local charities, who aren't necessarily provided with large amounts of funding throughout the year, we partnered with Liveshare and Fresh Start over October, November and December to help those living in poverty or suffering from homelessness.

Fresh Start and Liveshare do amazing work around the clock to help provide the tools needed for those to find their feet and work their way out of living on the streets. Not only do these charities provide Starter Packs but they also provide training for finding new jobs within the community, teach cookery classes for those looking to expand their skills in the kitchen providing warm, tasty meals and also have proactive measures to prevent homelessness too. We were astounded by the passion and care that these charities have and found that their values are very similar to our own; Care from the heart, Togetherness, Fun, Service Excellence.

Through adding an optional donation of £1 to our bills we have raised just over £130,000 for this amazing cause and the feedback from the charities was hear-warming to say the least.

We have rolled out this strategy across all our brands, Chaophraya, Thaikhun, Thaikhun Buffet, Yee Rah and ChaoBaby to make the biggest difference possible. We want to thank our guests for their thoughtful gestures, we wouldn't be able to support these charities without them.

You can read about more of the kind of work that Liveshare and Fresh Start do on a daily basis, including launching an exciting local pantry, on their websites here -

This quarter we have partnered with Dementia Forward and Ayrshire Hospice who provide support to those with end of life care needs and dementia. We are hopeful that this quarter we will raise just as much (or even more!) for these charities so that we can be a part of helping make a difference within our local communities.

Team TLG.


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