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Investing in our people

At Thai Leisure Group, we’re people powered. Our employees invest their time, intelligence, and most of all their passion into our business. In turn, we make people feel they’ve made the right choice, are valued and part of something extraordinary. We strongly believe in continuously developing our people to the best they can be which is why we offer extensive, world-class training and partner with Quarterdeck, a leading management and leadership training provider to support this.

Over the last 12 months, we have enrolled seven senior members of our team on the ‘Inspirational Leadership Programme’ to support internal progression and elevate their skills. From our on site Business Managers to our central support team, this high-level leadership programme has been highly personalised for each individual through a 360-degree analysis and 1-to-1 coaching throughout. It is an almost bespoke course for those that participate as everyone’s needs are unique, therefore everyone gets a unique experience tailored to them.

Key areas that are covered within this programme are:

· Management vs Leadership

· Feedback

· Attitude

· Implementation

· Presentation Skills

· Coaching and Developing People

· Communication

Our Head of Marketing, Monica Modena, has shared her experience. “The course is brilliant and has really made an impact on both personal and professional aspects of my life. The main attraction of this course for me was that it focusses on you as a person, allowing you to define your own values and use these to determine your approach to both leading a team and defining your purpose within it. This has meant that I look at my behaviours with a wider lens, not just in the workplace but in all aspects of my life. A couple of key takeaways were understanding what it means to be a positive leader and how to action this, how to handle conflict and how to be an effective communicator.”

As a company that has a people focused culture, we are always eager to provide top-quality training to ensure all divisions of our team are given progression opportunities. We are built on four core values; togetherness, care from the heart, service excellence and fun, which underpin our dedication to maintaining a happy and positive workforce. Our service excellence (Ha Dao) value is the beating heart of our organisation. It is the belief and delivery of a five-star experience for each guest, every single time. Our people know what exceptional service looks like and in order to reach the high standards we set, we provide extensive training and development of all our employees to ensure we are able to provide our guests with outstanding food, service and experience. Continuing this momentum is of the upmost importance to us, we are a group of Thai dining restaurants; Chaophraya premium Thai dining and Thaikhun casual Thai street food, but ultimately, we are a people’s business. Therefore, we will keep innovating, keep creating, keep taking risks and keep investing in our talent.

Team TLG.


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