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Riceberry Sunday Brunch

Have you tried our Thai Riceberry yet? As seen on Sunday Brunch.

Packed full of antioxidants, minerals, non-GMO AND it's gluten free - it's no wonder everyone's talking about Thai Riceberry from our new menu.

We headed down to London last Sunday to meet the Sunday Brunch team and cooked up some Spicy Thai Riceberry with basil (Thai Riceberry pad kra paow). It was a big hit - even Jamie Oliver loved it!

Thai Riceberry is a new superfood that's taking Thailand by storm, so we wanted to introduce this incredible purple grain o the UK.

Rice is often described as an empty source of calories, dieters and the health conscious, will often steer clear from rice. So researchers from Thailand's Kasetsart University developed Thai Riceberry - A cross pollination between Jao Hom Nin (black rice), Thai Hom Mali and Dawk Mali 105 (two very high quality strands of jasmine rice).

Not only is Thai Riceberry tasty, it's packed with fibre, bran oil and Vitamin E, meaning it's great for digestion, reduces the risk of diabetes, and cancer, reduces cholesterol and even has anti-aging properties!

You can try Thai Riceberry at Chaophraya for yourself. Enjoy with Beef rump and pearl barley, with a spicy Thai basil stir dry or as a side dish. Available from our A La Carte and lunch menus.

Catch the episode of Sunday Brunch here

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